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September 1, 2021 at 10:00 AM1 min read

White Paper: Social Commerce & the New Retail Experience

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Social Commerce and the New Retail Experience

How Retailers Are Building Online Communities Amid Consumers' Shift to Digital 

The process of building customer relationships and selling products on social media, known as social commerce, has taken on more importance over the past year. As the retail world shifted to digital channels, brands sought to build more meaningful experiences for customers on the social media platforms they frequent the most. 

Three-fourths of marketers say their top goal for social media in 2021 is to “increase acquisition of new customers.”1 However, retailers are moving beyond traditional marketing and working to build more meaningful digital experiences on social networks to encourage long-term customer loyalty. 

To accomplish these goals, retail organizations will not only need to leverage customer data more effectively but also rethink how they approach and measure successful social media interactions. Social media influencers, chatbots, novelty content, and community-building will also play important roles. 

This report explores how retail brands are shifting their social media strategies among changing consumer habits and digital shopping trends, and what that means for the future of the retail industry. 

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