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March 15, 2023 at 2:57 PM2 min read

Case Study: The Impact of Featured Deals on Slickdeals

Maximizing Frontpage Exposure to Drive Sales on Slickdeals


Partner Profile

Founded in 1984, this American based technology company is well known for developing and selling computers and related accessories and services. A longstanding partner of Slickdeals, the company has been working with the social shopping platform to promote deals to a tech-savvy community for several years.

Business Goals

Having already established a successful partnership with Slickdeals, and a strong understanding of how impactful the Slickdeals ecosystem can be, the technology brand sought to leverage the additional site traffic brought on by the Q4 shopping season to maximize their budget and finish 2022 with strong sales.

With sales performance being their main goal, they were most interested in Slickdeals’ Featured Deal placement. This placement allows advertisers the option to extend a deal’s life on the Frontpage, which sees 124M+ pageviews across Q4, for an additional 24 hours.

The Strategy

On average, deals that make it to the Slickdeals Frontpage generate more than $32,000 in sales and roughly 12,000 clicks from the community. To make it to the Frontpage, a deal must be vetted and upvoted by Slickdeals’ community of savvy shoppers. When a deal hits the Frontpage, advertisers have the option to promote it as a Featured Deal and extend its Frontpage lifecycle. This is to maintain the integrity of Slickdeals and protect the community-first platform in which shoppers determine which deals are the best of the best.

Already having a robust inventory of offers planned for Q4, the brand asked the Slickdeals team to monitor deals in certain focus categories. If a deal under one of those categories hit the Frontpage, the Slickdeals team would promote it as a Featured Deal, extending its Frontpage lifecycle. Over the course of October and November 2022, they ended up seeing 60 deals reach the Frontpage.

The Results

Of the 60 deals that reached the Frontpage, the brand promoted 24 of them as Featured Deals. On average, these Featured Deals resulted in a day-over-day increase of over 500% in sales. After the Featured Deal campaigns ended, these deals saw an average DoD decrease of -17% in sales and -46% in clicks.


“Slickdeals is an integral part of our affiliate strategy thanks to their active, deal-seeking audience and their ability to get our products in front of the right customers. The frontpage deal exposure is extremely valuable in sustaining demand around priority products and exposing new customers to other products we sell on our site. Featured deals will definitely be a part of our media arsenal moving forward!”



About Slickdeals

Slickdeals is the only shopping platform powered by a volunteer army of 12 million avid shoppers helping other shoppers find, evaluate and share the most up-to-date online deals and coupons from all the top retailers. Through community-powered shopping, Slickdeals has saved shoppers $10 billion by providing a forum for deal discovery and shopping discussion. Through collaborative eCommerce opportunities and brand marketing solutions, Slickdeals Advertising offers impactful advertising opportunities that drive over $1.51 billion in sales for partners annually.

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