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December 7, 2022 at 4:32 PM2 min read

Case Study: Slickdeals’ Deal Specialist Funnel

Activating Slickdeals’ Deal Specialist Funnel to Craft Engaging Offers


Partner Profile

Showcasing an impressive portfolio of owned and licenses brands, this well-known footwear manufacturing company has been around since 1883. From occupational safety footwear, to outdoor high performance outerwear, to accessories, they produce a variety of quality products to meet the diverse needs of their loyal customers.

Business Goals

Initially, the manufacturer partnered with Slickdeals with the main goal of driving incremental revenue and targeting specific products. Knowing how impactful the Slickdeals Frontpage can be for driving deal discovery, they knew they wanted to leverage the Frontpage to gain increased deal exposure and ultimately drive conversions.

The Strategy

To increase their chances of reaching the Frontpage, the Slickdeals Team recommended they engage our team of highly experienced Deal Specialists via Slickdeals’ Deal Specialist Funnel.

The Deal Specialist Funnel (DSF) is a self-service platform in which partners may submit deals for approval and receive insightful feedback regarding product pricing and shopper sentiment.

This valuable feedback allows partners to optimize their deal posts and promotional strategy to increase their chances of reaching the Frontpage.

To ensure positive ROAS, the manufacturer used the DSF to gather pricing insights so they could more efficiently create strong promotional offers. These insights, provided by the Deal Specialists, proved valuable when several deal posts from their various brands reached the Frontpage. 

To further enhance exposure, the company purchased direct-response media placements including Featured Deals, Announcements Bars, and Newsletters. These placements, in addition to the overwhelmingly positive engagement their offers received, greatly impacted their sales on Slickdeals.

The Results

By pairing the DSF with direct-response media placements, various brands under the manufacturer successfully reached the Frontpage a total of 33 times between May and July 2022. Compared to the same time period in 2021, they experienced a 529% increase in total sales across their brands.


"The Deal Specialists have been a valuable asset in helping provide feedback on pricing and promotional optimization based on their knowledge of the competitive landscape. They’ve helped us optimize deals based on trends, highlighting essential information needed to ensure our promotions perform well. Their expertise has helped a significant portion of our deals hit the Frontpage, where we see significant sales and revenue. Overall, the DSF has been beneficial to our program."



About Slickdeals

Slickdeals is the only shopping platform powered by a volunteer army of 12 million avid shoppers helping other shoppers find, evaluate and share the most up-to-date online deals and coupons from all the top retailers. Through community-powered shopping, Slickdeals has saved shoppers $10 billion by providing a forum for deal discovery and shopping discussion. Through collaborative eCommerce opportunities and brand marketing solutions, Slickdeals Advertising offers impactful advertising opportunities that drive over $1.51 billion in sales for partners annually.

Activate Slickdeals robust community of savvy shoppers via the Deal Specialist Funnel. Learn more here.