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Using Conscientious Content Marketing to Engage New Customers
February 10, 2021 at 2:10 PM2 min read

Slickdeals x CPG Content Marketing Case Study

Using Conscientious Content Marketing to Engage New Customers



Business Goals

Like many CPG manufacturers, this partner is focused on merchandising their brands and products at various online retailers. They rely on Slickdeals to provide not only the ecommerce sales volume that they need to establish their brands, but to also garner their relationship with new and impactful consumer segments. In addition to debuting new products, this partner is also focused on bolstering market share for their more well-known brands.

This manufacturer is also highly and proudly focused on their social consciousness. It is important for their brands to make an impact on society, so they value digital media and content that highlights their values, supports consumers, and meets their needs. In the wake of 2020’s pandemic, they quickly pivoted their marketing stance to focus strictly on content that could truly help consumers and promote healthy products.



When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, this partner had already planned a series of ecommerce promotions that would be amplified with media on Slickdeals. After discussing the possibility of halting all media spend as a result of the pandemic (as they had decided to do with a number of other media partners), the manufacturer instead worked with Slickdeals to quickly and effectively re-allocate their budget to more conscientious content marketing that would better support consumers during the difficult time.

Slickdeals collaborated with their brands to turnaround three articles on affordable, at-home Easter activities and five additional articles around cooking at home and healthy eating. The first articles were published almost immediately, just as consumers began their quarantine at home, and the rest of the articles were published over the next month and a half, keeping users engaged in the brands, as well as in fun and creative family activities.

These articles were shared and promoted across the Slickdeals platform and social media, ultimately continuing to build the brand while still helping Slickdeals users and their families. The content that was produced allowed the brand to remain at top of mind for the Slickdeals community, despite the lack of usual promotions and aggressive marketing campaigns (which would have risked being perceived as insensitive), and further position itself as a thoughtful company.

The content created also connected the mentioned brands with Slickdeals users in a new way, which catered to the long-term goal of repeat and engaged customers. Instead of purchasing based primarily on discounts and dollar value, customers engaged with educational and interesting information, paving the way for a deeper connection with the brands.


In all, Slickdeals produced eight highly engaging articles for the manufacturer, touching on multiple healthy (and helpful) brands with which users could stock their pantries. These articles were shared across social media as well, resulting in 4.2MM impressions and over 8,000 social engagements. 

As the pandemic began to wane and the manufacturer was able to resume regular promotional marketing, it was clear that the content had a positive effect on the brands’ images and presence within the Slickdeals community. Users eagerly posted and engaged with the brands’ promotions and the manufacturer realized a more comprehensive relationship with its customers.