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June 25, 2021 at 2:22 PM2 min read

Slickdeals Prime Day 2021 Recap: Top 5 Most-Shopped Categories

With consumer priorities shifting and big box retailers rolling out their own multi-day sales in competition with Amazon, we noticed some key changes across our most-shopped categories this Prime Day. Additionally, we saw an overall increase in engagement on Slickdeals year-over-year, with retailers Target, Walmart, Costco, and Best Buy increasing their collective share of engagement on Slickdeals by 162% during Amazon’s popular shopping event.

Here's a breakdown of our top 5 most-shopped categories from Prime Day this year and the most engaging deals.


1. Home & Home Improvement

Taking the #1 spot from Tech & Electronics, Home and Home Improvement stole the show for Prime Day 2021 as our most-shopped category. While a majority of the most popular deal threads were classified as home tech gadgets, like smart doorbells and security cameras, we can see a continued trend in consumers looking to upgrade their homes – a trend that has persisted throughout the course of the Covid-10 pandemic.

2. Tech & Electronics

Moving down a spot, Tech & Electronics continues to be a top player in Slickdeals most-shopped categories on Prime Day. However, overall engagement (clicks) with the category took a significant dip year-over-year dropping 32%. Still, engagement with tech and electronics remains consistently high throughout seasonal events and non-holiday periods on Slickdeals.

3. Computers

Maintaining its spot at #3, the computer category saw an increase in engagement year-over-year by 9%. The most popular deals included routers, hard drives, headphones, and more (many of which were deals exclusive to Amazon Prime members).

4. Clothing & Accessories

Arguably the biggest jump we noticed this year was in the Clothing & Accessories category,  which rose from spot #10 to spot #4. Year-over-year, this category saw a massive 369% increase in clicks. It’s worth noting that Amazon’s sales of apparel and accessories was forecasted to grow about 32.7% this year as shoppers gear up for Summer and begin refreshing their work wardrobes in anticipation of returning to the office later this year1. This forecast aligns with the increased user engagement we saw on Slickdeals in this category.

5. Grocery

Moving down a rank and knocking Health & Beauty out of the top five this year was the Grocery category. While a few food items received attention from shoppers, our most engaging deals were household items like laundry detergent, dish soap, storage containers and more.


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